Wondabyne RSL under construction 1886

The Wondy was built in 1886 by workers from the nearby Woy Woy Tunnel project on land granted by the Government Lands Dept.
Situated on the Hawkesbury Sandstone cliffs above Wondabyne , the Wondy has imposing views over the southern end of the magnificent Mullet Creek.
A visiting dignitary of the time Lord Snotinnose remarked " There can be no finer waterway , for Germany has the Rhine , America has the Mississippi and Australia has Mullet Creek "
After several of it's patrons were savagely killed by the population of native drop bears , the Wondy RSL Rifle Club soon began an annual Koala hunt and BBQ day.
The annual event has became world famous and has been patronised by our own cricketing legend Glen MGrath recently.
The inaugural Wondy RSL Koala hunt in 1890